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Mar 12, 2013 @ 15:48

Just wrote a review forĀ but I do not see it up yet.


For Sula Butterfly Kiss (perfume oil roll-on 10 ml)

I’m puzzled by the notes listed here, since states the notes are “pink peony, ethereal blackberry and gardenia.” Maybe the formulation has changed or something, but I picked up the 10 ml roll-on of perfume oil yesterday, and my immediate interpretations were Definitely white floral, maybe gardenia, white peonies, maybe lilies… Not jasmine to me (but I could have been confounded by the jasmine in my shampoo, detectable in my hair but doesn’t seem to be in Butterfly Kiss) at all, nor vanilla. Freesias possibly, mixed with other flowers, but I don’t know what heliotrope smells like isolated.

As others have said, soft but strong, airy not heavy, somewhat clean laundry/soap-like, but practically zero sharpness or acidity to it for me. This isn’t a scent I’d think to go for on my own had I heard of the notes. I snagged it as a blind buy since it was on clearance, but I’m really glad I did.

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