Jun 212013

I had been digging around at stuff in my room one day in an attempt to clean and found a couple perfume samples stashed away in an envelope along with a pay stub, pen, and the iron reminder pills I didn’t bother taking. Why? I don’t know, but the two samples were Billionaire Boyfriend by Kate Walsh and Tokyo Milk Dark La Vie La Mort by Margot Elena.

I wonder if I didn’t know what cardamom was when I first got these samples, because I’d somehow forgotten all about them, despite La Vie La Mort’s notes: White Tuberose, Cardamom, Hibiscus Leaf, and Jasmine. Ever since having this amazing beef brisket noodle soup in cardamom broth from the wildly popular Mission Chinese Food, as well as kheer (rice pudding) from equally popular Naan ‘n Curry, I have had this… gnawing hunger, this flickering quasi-obsession with the pricey spice. So I tried out the sample of La Vie La Mort. It smelled… familiar, warm, and sweet. I wasn’t sure if I could detect and separate the cardamom from the rest, but it smelled good. Even M said he liked it.

I’d dabbed it on my hand before going to bed and it was gone in the morning. But I put some on my wrist while I was at work and it lasted into the evening. I don’t have a very sophisticated nose, having not learned each individual note that goes into perfumes (though I’d like to!), so unfortunately, I can’t speak to the strength of each of the four in La Vie La Mort.


Like I said, though, it was somehow familiar. I searched “cardamom” on Sephora, and I was surprised to find that a lot of fragrances have it as a note – including Aromachology’s Clean & Fresh. “Clean & Fresh? Wait! I have that!” I thought. I’d bought the dual-ended rollerball (Totally Edible / Clean & Fresh Rollerball Duo) on a whim for $12 earlier this year. According to AROMACHOLOGY’s website, the notes are White Tea, Bergamot, Green Tea, Cardamom, Lemon Balm, Precious Woods.

That must be it, I thought, this is why they smell familiar, cardamom and sweet stuff and tea or something. I’m going to find wherever I put that rollerball and try it again. But nope, I was a little off!

Basic impression is that Clean & Fresh smells like laundry, freshly laundered clothes/towels or laundry detergent. It’s sweet, fresh, clean, and fluffy, but not citrus-y to me.

So how was this such a departure from my ideas of overlap with La Vie La Mort? And I realized it was probably that I’d been wearing the two rollerball scents together: Clean & Fresh AND Totally Edible. It’s Totally Edible that is the bizarro warm and sweet smell! It’s borderline cloying, but I kind of like it. It’s not candied like syrup or sugar crystals, but it is vanilla-y and gooey.  Notes: Sicilian Orange, Lemon Drop, Vanilla, Apple, Sugar Cane, Chocolate. The combination of Clean & Fresh with Totally Edible and La Vie La Mort smell very similar, but the AROMACHOLOGY scents individually differ.

To my nose, each one of these is medium to heavy weight for fragrance without being overwhelmingly strong in just-a-dab usage. I have to say there’s something strange and slightly chemical/artificial about Clean & Fresh that makes it not-for-me, but my affection for La Vie La Mort, and as a consequence, Totally Edible, has been growing. Despite adoring a handful of perfumes, I guess I’m a bit of a fragrance-slut because I can’t commit to one or even two as my signature scents. Hanae Mori No. 1 has been the closest thing to that yet. I first smelled it when I was in Portland, Maine, and fell in love with the dream of blackberry pies and cream that it evoked.

Anyway, that was a total segue. Basically, I like La Vie La Mort, check it out. Sure, check out the AROMACHOLOGY fragrances too, if you want. I want to say try Hanae Mori No. 1 if you can find it… but I don’t want everyone to know about it either because then I’d be losing my almost-signature-scent to somebody else! 😛

What are your favorite fragrances? Do you have a signature scent, or do they vary by season/mood/moon phase/etc.?

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Jun 192013

Hey all, it’s been a long time. I don’t know what happened, only that I found myself either really busy, really unmotivated, or both when it came to updating, unboxing, trying products out… or even just stuff like housecleaning! But especially keeping up with blogging/product review. Part of it is that I’ve been trying (but not succeeding perfectly) to shop less and use up what I already have, so I guess by extension, in trying not to tempt myself, I’d avoided my subscription boxes.

But enough of that, because I am trying to make small steps to getting back on track, with both makeup/stuff and life. :)

I got my June Birchbox about a week ago, and while I miss their old image, the new look of their re-branding isn’t bad either. The old style was more true to the BIRCH part of Birchbox (looked like birchbark!), but the new design is clean and simpler as well. The inside of the box had a neat zigzag pattern too. I apologize now for not showing any photos here, but I’m sure other blogs have examples if you’re dying to know. I just wanted to share verbally what I got and my take on a couple of the things I got, out of my personalized box, which was apparently #29: https://www.birchbox.com/shop/birchbox-1/june-2013/june-2013-bb29

1. The Davines 3-Step System, comprised of a hefty (for a sample) 2-oz bottle of Davines Love Smoothing Shampoo ($24 for 8 oz), small .41 oz packet of Davines Love Smoothing Conditioner ($27.50, 8 oz), and even smaller packet of Davines Oi/Oil ($41, 4 oz)

I gave this a shot for my shower before work today. My long hair had been really crunchy and brittle due to harsh bleaching and frequent coloring over the past 1.5 years. This did what it promised: made my dry and frizzy hair super soft, smooth, and not tangly. The smell of the shampoo/conditioner is grapefruit-y and light. Perfect texture-wise too, neither too watery and thin, nor clumpy and thick, so application was easy, and the shampoo lathered really well. I finger-combed the oil through my hair and especially at the ends and now it feels flexible and soft the way it had been pre-coloring. I ran my fingers through my hair constantly while I was at work, just marveling at how silky it felt.
Drawbacks about the sample though is that there’s way more shampoo than conditioner or oil – plus, the packaging for the oil made it hard for me to save and use again since it’s a packet and might leak or spill out (whereas the conditioner is thicker and I could fold the packet to keep it closed). I had to wrap it in plastic wrap since I didn’t have a pot or jar to empty the contents into. It’s also pretty pricey, now that I’ve looked at the site. I’ve really fallen in love with hair oils lately, since Ipsy’s May bag had Macadamia healing treatment oil, which I also LOOOVE, but I don’t know if I can justify spending over $40 or even basically $100 for the whole system.

2. Antica Farmacista Le Emulsioni Corpo Vellutanti Body Moisturizer ($25, 10 oz) – body lotion in the Grapefruit scent. I haven’t tried this yet on anything but the back of my hand, and it’s on the thin side, which I guess is to be expected for a lotion. (I’ve gotten used to thicker creams and balms.) It says on the back of the bottle “POMPELMO – A clean, fresh & invigorating pure grapefruit fragrance,” but it comes off as somewhat grapefruit ROSE-y to me instead. I could take it or leave it. With my skin as dry as it has been lately, I’m not sure it’d quench my problem areas, but it isn’t bad.

3. Juicy Couture Couture La La ($90 for 3.4 oz, $70 for 1.7 oz, or $19 for rollerball)

This is the only Juicy Couture fragrance I’ve not disliked so far, and I have tried a few of their others in the past! I’ve wanted to like JC perfumes because their brand and image is chic and the perfume notes sound delectable ON PAPER, but every time I’ve tried their perfumes on my skin… it’s fallen flat. There must be something about them, an ingredient or method, that’s heavy and artificial-smelling. As I said, Couture La La might be the only one I like (sort of) – because that heavy/artificial aspect is least apparent in this one, (Though I can still detect it… I wish I knew how to explain it or what it was!)

Couture La La is citrusy in a tart way, and white florals do shine through. I wouldn’t say it’s juicy nor particularly sweet, and on the whole is a medium-weight scent. The alcohol-iness lasts a long time in the beginning before it wears down to a softer, more pleasant scent. Still, although it’s been the least offensive and almost nice of JC perfumes, I just don’t think it suits me.

4. Pardon My French from the Color Club® Wanderlust Collection ($8 for set of 4 mini polishes). According to the page, it’s inspired by Paris:

Pardon My French’s lavender represents our love affair with the candy-colored arrays of macarons in the City of Light’s iconic bakeries.

These are apparently bright pastels that trend toward fluorescent, but aren’t jarringly bright, just eye-catching enough. I had actually been hoping for the green color, London Calling, because I’ve lately been obsessed with green polishes and dying for a seafoam green polish (sidenote: in the past few weeks, I’d been wearing Julep polishes like palest mint Susie, kelly green Payton, and mint green Dianna, the latter two from the June Maven deluxe box). Plus, I’d gotten Zoya’s Julie in my May Ipsy and wasn’t hoping to not get another purple color. OH WELL! I guess it’s nice to be almost forced into stepping outside of my usual, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by both Julie and Pardon My French so far. I wonder if it’s because I’m pretty fair-skinned but still very yellow that these pale purples stand out on me, but it makes me feel like a cartoon character, a magical girl like a Sailor Scout, having my nails this way.

Texture and quality of Color Club polishes have been about the same as others in that it seems like every polish needs at least 2 coats now for even coverage. I am convinced that when I was a kid, my $1 Wet ‘n’ Wild polishes really only needed one coat, dried fast, and either lasted long or peeled well off – whereas nowadays, good-looking nails are taking more time and money. Inflation! On the plus side, Pardon My French seemed to dry fairly fast. On the neg, the smell was stronger even than what I’m used to.

At Lexi’s suggestion and for kicks, I did put a thin layer of Julie on a couple of fingers after two coats of Pardon My French (and one of Ulta X-Dry), and hypothesis confirmed! Some dimension is added because the pinkish Pardon My French glows a little bit through the more sheer Julie, plus Julie already contains shimmer. Not bad.


That’s that for the June Birchbox. I haven’t tried everything in the May box yet because one sample I got was Kerastase’s color protecting shampoo and I’ve been waiting to re-dye my hair before the text phase. But more on that next time, PLUS… eventually an Ipsy bag review. (Ipsy, by the way, is awesome.) xox

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(VIDEO) UNBOXING MY: Birchbox #1 – April 2013 (Tiny Tweaks)

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Apr 292013

Got my first Birchbox. It’s the “generic/welcome” box for the month of April. Sorry for my lameness and horrible enunciation. HUGE thanks to RamsesThePigeon for editing out (most of) my rambling! (He cut it down from over 7 minutes to less than 4!)

My favorite item so far is the Mirenesse Glossy Kiss lip and cheek stain in Flirty Kiss! ($26.55 at Birchbox). Flirty Kiss is the most red/scarlet of the colors, and I’ve really been wanting to get in on the red hot lips trend, but didn’t know where to start. Plus, I’m a little color-and-brights-shy since I’m afraid of garish makeup, but I was really surprised with Mirenesse. It’s an attention grabber! I can tell I’m going to be getting good use out of this, and what a STEAL since the box is $10. :)

Toward the end, I inadvertently channel Master Shake, a la HotWad… Heh!

And the lighting is poor, but the contacts I was trying out: http://i.imgur.com/pf6YXQU.jpg are the Vassen Lollipop Green that you can get at pinkyparadise.com.

If you aren’t already signed up for Birchbox, my referral link is https://www.birchbox.com?raf=6t8lq

Thanks for reading/watching!

VIDEO: First box! First Loot Crate! (Token)

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Apr 252013

ERMERGERRRRD Got my first box, guys. LOOT CRATE! STREET FIGHTER! Enough caps, here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kGJ9S-wk0o

Can’t help it, I want to share this with you! NOW! (I apologize for also being horrible at formatting in WordPress…)



Oh yeah, copy+paste action right here…

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Subscription box mania (Julep)

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Apr 242013

Without going into too much detail yet, I’ve gone a little overboard in subscribing to some monthly product deliveries. I haven’t received any of what I’ve signed up for – in fact, the first one is supposed to arrive today (I’m tracking via USPS) – but it’s sure to be revealed here later, once they arrive. Plus referral links and so on. Then I’ll just need to set up some space to photoblog without pictures looking terrible. c:

I’ve signed up for Ipsy, Birchbox, Loot Crate, Booty Bin, and… I couldn’t resist… Julep Maven.

Actually, I’m pretty darn excited about Julep Maven, so I’m going to spill: I ran into a promo ad while looking at a nail supply Yelp review, and relevant ads FOR THE WIN. This code, “FREEBOX,” gets you your first box FREE, including shipping. They regularly run $19.99 a box. I had done some searches and they had a promo code previously, “PENNY,” so it cost $0.01 + 3.95 shipping with that, but this is an even better deal. They have a variety of boxes that you take a quiz for and they suggest one to you, or you can pick if you’d rather skip that or didn’t like your result. I got “It Girl,” supposedly that I’m a “colorful trendsetter who’s not afraid to be bold.” I guess when it comes to nails, yeah – I won’t even get started on the colorS I’m wearing today. It Girl is three limited edition nail colors in each box. The others are two limited edition nail polishes and a full-size beauty product, or “Modern Beauty” that’s two full-size beauty products.

At any rate, that’s not all that convinced me. When you’re checking out, there’s an add-on menu of products at special prices. Sneaky as hell that they throw that in there so not only are you paying either $20 (or free, in this case), but it’s like getting to the checkout counter and seeing all this candy. “Oh, I’ll just.. throw this in… and this too. Yeah, this one too.” You can add up to three, and they are at a SIGNIFICANT discount to buying them from Julep regularly (Julep Mavens get 20% off later, apparently). The add-ons I picked:

Oprah’s Favorite Things 2012 Nail Color Jewelry Box, $168 marked down to $84.  As an add-on, it was $44. That’s almost half-off! Compared to when it was first released, it’s 74% off. (That’s why you wait for sales.) It’s 12 polishes, and since most of (if not all?) Julep’s polishes are girls names, when I saw my own name, I was sold. Why wouldn’t you want a nail polish with your name on it, literally?


  • Rose – Juicy watermelon red creme
  • Lauren – Hot tropical pink creme
  • Carrie – Classic, cotton candy pink creme
  • Maria – Rose pink frost
  • Gloria – Modern coral creme
  • Maya – Delicate pink seashell
  • Lynn – Nude blush pearl
  • Audrey – Light pink micro-shimmer
  • Morgan – Frosty grape purple
  • Charlotte – Demure lavender creme
  • Amy – Smoky, turquoise creme
  • Susie – Muted mint green creme

Their polishes run $14 or $11.20 for Mavens, so that’s like, what, $90 saved?

The second add-on I picked was Drew & Surprise Gift, $14.99. Not a single clue what the surprise gift is supposed to be, but Drew is a “fabulous fuchsia crème” that’s also currently out of stock in their regular webstore. Again, $14/$11.20.

The third intro add-on I picked was the Smoky Chic nail set. The image shows three polishes, but it’s hard to tell exactly which. They’re light blue, a pink/light violet-red, and gray. Also $14.99 – seems pretty good for three polishes. The other three-polish sets in the store run $28-36 or more, from what I can tell.

Some precautions or good things to know: You can only skip/cancel between the 20th and 24th of the month. You can also change what box you’re getting, say, from It Girl to Boho Glam and so on, or you can even gift it to a friend. But it looks like you are pretty locked in, compared to other services that say “cancel any time!”


Anyway, if you would like to sign up and would be so kind as to give me a boost too, here’s my referral link. In the checkout box, you can also manually enter my invitation/referral code: 13674815. Once again, the code to enter is FREEBOX.

Happy subbing!

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theBalm what’s your type mascara

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Apr 202013

Wrote a review and posted to theBalm and to Birchbox – theBalm what’s your type – tall, dark, and handsome mascara


Tall, dark, and handsome – never clumps

I love this because it definitely lengthens, and the light formula is great and not wet or thick like some other mascaras, so I’ve experienced no clumping. The short bristles separate lashes too. It definitely does what it says it’ll do. The only cons I have to say about it are what, I guess, it’s not meant for: doesn’t hold curl too well, and instead straightened my lashes a bit, and volume isn’t immediate. You have to really layer it on for that, though I’ve just taken to using other mascaras on top, after I’ve built up the length. But, as I said, it does what it says, and is a great product.


Pictures etc. to come later, I hope.


I’ve been putting my Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box palette to use a lot lately. I hadn’t thought I’d like the bright shadows as much as I do, so I’m surprised. I usually like to keep things neutral and low-key, but I like the pop of color these give and sometimes try to color coordinate with what I’m wearing.

I prime first with the gold-colored Greed of Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion, sweeping it on with my fingers, then line my eyes, winging out to a thin stroke with Sabbath (deep matte navy) of Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, which is pretty much my #1 eyeliner – doesn’t budge, doesn’t smear over the course of the day. Then I use a thin flat brush (no link or knowledge of what my specific brush is) to sweep/line color on just above and a little on the eyeliner for blending.

Yesterday, I did Fishnet (listed as bright pink with purple shift) inner corner, Graffiti (duotone, shimmer bright green) middle of lid, Peace (bright turquoise) outer corner. Today, it’s Honey (glistening gold) inner, Scratch (rose gold) middle, Fishnet outer. :)

This is a placeholder post

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Apr 182013

… for my upcoming rant about solo queue-ing ranked games on League of Legends.

I love League of Legends. I love the strategizing, the depth of knowledge it takes to play well. I love improving. I love playing. What I don’t love is… toxic players. Ragers. Quitters. They don’t play for love of the game, love of a challenge, or anyone or anything but them and expecting an easy win.

I’ve got lots to say on this… but for another time.


Also| Just watched the Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon trailers. Looks so freaking ridiculous that I’m considering pre-ordering. (Obviously, that’s what they were going for.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dofacvjRkc and http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dnuJyJBM_J4

Oils for skincare (part 2)

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Apr 182013

I’ve been all kinds of product crazy lately, ever since I stumbled on some shining product reviews for LUSH and Fresh. In particular, it was still me trying to find a solution for my incredibly dry and itchy legs and seeing praise about getting out of the shower and NOT needing to follow up with moisturizer. The two products in question? LUSH Schnuggle body butter bar (yes, for use in the shower!) and Fresh brown sugar body polish. Like many of their other scents, Fresh’s brown sugar line is sweet with some citrus hints. Very subtle, not harsh. Softer, feminine. Schnuggle has kind of a weird, nutty scent – it’s not sweet nor is it very strong, but I don’t know what it is either. But sometimes it’s nice to lay off the overly girly smells. 

I love both these products because I get right out of the shower and don’t have to spend time slathering cream or lotion on, but the drawbacks are: 1) Schnuggle is fantastic for it just melting right into your skin, but I’m finding it to not last long, as I’m halfway or maybe two-thirds-way done with the bar – and I’ve only used it maybe twice a week since I got it, which was a couple of months ago. I’m going to have re-order soon, which is another slight drawback because it’s only available as a Retro product online, meaning I can’t get it at my local LUSH store. 2) It takes some time for me to use the sugar polish and scrub it in and then rinse it off, so unlike Schnuggle, I can’t just swipe it down my legs a couple of times and go. Maybe I don’t even have to scrub, since I’m really just trying to use the benefit of the oil the sugar hangs out in, but it still does require a real rinse to get the sugar off.

Since running into the sugar polish reviews that reminded me about oils, I’ve been into giving them a shot again. Back in middle or high school, I remember I had gotten a sample of Neutrogena’s sesame oil… which, although I rarely used it, I remember it smelled nice. (I’m going to have to hunt some down again.) While in university, I would use the amazing Sephora vanilla cupcake dry oil (external review) that came in a spray bottle. It’s discontinued now, which is a terrible shame, because it smelled just like almond cookies to me, despite the vanilla cupcake name. I wish they’d bring it back!

I’ve snagged the following:
* tarte’s maracuja oil in 1.7 oz, which is, now that I know better, ridiculous at the price of $46 (I got mine for $25 when Ulta had a special “beauty steal” day).  
* jojoba oil, 4 oz, from Trader Joe’s. I forget the exact tag amount, but it was less than $10
* a couple “beautifying” oils from the Body Shop ($14, 3.3 oz), mango and satsuma scents.

“Maracuja oil? What’s that? Sounds so exotic,” I had thought, and probably many others thought so too. But the name (and their promo materials) is just tarte being marketingsy, because without the fancy Brazilian name, in plain English, it’s just PASSION FRUIT seed oil. I didn’t think at the time I jumped into the car to zip to my nearest Ulta to just google “maracuja oil -tarte” and find alternative buying solutions. I recommend that if you are interested, check out some other vendors that are far cheaper. Presumably, the only difference, as one site said, is that it’s without the fancy purple bottle. I may try other sources when I run out too.

So far, my impression is the maracuja is thinner than jojoba, so overall lighter and less greasy. As directed, I use the dropper that serves as the bottle cap and drop 3+ (2-3 is what’s recommended, but I like more) into my palm, rub my hands and fingers together, then massage it into my face after I’ve removed makeup and rinsed with water. The scent is light, and reminds me vaguely of sesame, except still more airy and “higher,” if that makes any sense.

As for the jojoba oil, I read that it’s actually a liquid wax, so it’s noticeably thicker in consistency, as well as starkly golden yellow. I’ve been primarily using it with a square of toilet paper or a cotton ball to remove makeup rather than to moisturize though, because it’s STELLAR at removing eye makeup. (But don’t be careless like me and, uh, get it in your eyes because the temporarily cloudy vision is painless but annoying.) It does feel extra moisturizing on the face, and the scent is hard to detect and even lighter than the maracuja (though in TRYING to smell it now, it has a sort of low, roasted smell to me), but as I said, I feel like there’s a greasier sheen afterward.

Of the Body Shop beautifying oils, I’ve only been using mango so far, but not on my face, unlike the other two. It’s versatile, being for hair, face, and body, while it seems like the maracuja is for face and jojoba for face/body. So instead, I’ve occasionally been using this as my after-shower moisturizer or before-bed, swipe-over-legs product. Obviously, it smells great and mango-y.

Unfortunately, I have been totally unscientific about determining how well these work for my skin. I keep switching around, depending on how I feel or how my skin feels on any given day, so I can’t fully attest to a single pick of these doing something major in the long run. In fact, there have been a handful of times where, after using maracuja/jojoba oil on my face, my cheeks get really warm and itchy – not the greatest sign. Also, about the flighty nature of my product usage, when I feel particularly dry after cleansing, I simply go back to my trusty favorite, First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream ($28, 6 oz, I get mine at Sephora), since it’s a thick cream – but you can spread it thinly if desired. If the skin on my nose or around my mouth is dry and peeling, I pick yet another old favorite from my college days when I’d pick it up at the school bookstore’s Clinique counter, to use kind of like a mask on those areas on top of the FAB cream: Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief ($37.50 for a 1.7 oz jar, but my smaller tube was originally from a makeup set).

I know this sounds pretty absurd, so many skincare products for moisturizing being listed in one post, but I guess it speaks to how much stuff I’ve got, just in my unending trial-and-error process of finding the right tools for certain situations!

I’m fading fast (late night, need to eat dinner), but I hope to say a little more about FAB’s Ultra Repair Cream and the Moisture Surge in another post. They have each been some real skinsavers in my past. :)

P.S. Came back to say my order from theBalm arrived via USPS today! Was too busy writing about oily stuff to properly unbox, but I can tell you that I’m pretty excited to try these out in the coming days.

Oils for skincare

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Apr 072013

It’s spring now, but I’m still suffering from some dry, itchy skin. At this point, I can’t tell if it’s seasonal because of winter, compounded with the air in my house being really dry normally (on top of winter factors), or whatever else. (By the way, I learned a few weeks ago the condition is called xeroderma, though that’s just a blanket term for dry skin.)

My biggest issue is that the problem areas are my legs. I’d come home from work, sit down for dinner with Max, we’d be watching Netflix, and I would be scratching like crazy, whimpering and complaining about the itching, and it would still be itching terribly when I got into bed. I wondered for a bit if it was skin contact with the sheets, because sometimes I wouldn’t itch as badly if I put on long socks first.

I’ve been trying everything. Some things have worked better than others. In my quest for remedies, I saw a forum thread about people moisturizing their legs and wrapping with plastic wrap to seal in the moisturizer, prevent moisturizer from rubbing off, and prevent itching. I tried this with C. Booth Peppermint Foot Lotion, which smells great and goes on smoothly, and the cool mint sensation in my legs was really soothing, locked in by the plastic wrap. I slept with the wrap still on, removed in the morning, and had really silky feeling legs afterward. It seemed great!

I tried it again a day or two later, same method, but I think it just made matters worse. Where before it had felt soothing and kept me from digging my nails across my legs, now the tingle and cling seemed to intensify my itchiness, and I just tried to scratch my legs through the layer of plastic wrap. I couldn’t stand it after twenty seconds, and I ended up removing it and giving up on that method. It might work sometimes, but the itching was just too awful that time to bear it longer.

(Part one…)